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The world

Is your playground.. I will share with you all my secrets I have discovered around the world. I hope that it will inspire you to go out there yourself because I promise you it is magic and the world is an amazing places so swhy not enjoy it? Feel free to visit my facebookpage and let me know what you think. Feel free to comment on my post it can be beneficial for me and for others if you have something to share.

Travel Tips

Hey pst.. I have a great tip! No actually I have the best travel tips for you! You will find some of them here in all sorts of categories such as finding the best airplane tickets, what apps to have on your phone when you travel and how to get inspired to seek new places and adventures. So.. how does that sound? Are you ready for some awesome travel tips?

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Here I have collected all the best pictures from my trips around the globe! And it is in a nice gallery to explore. You can also follow my instagram to see a bigger and more for filled gallery. On Pinterest you are invited to share your thoughts and comments as well I would love to here. You are welcome to pin it and safe it for your next travel I always do that when i dream about new adventures.