Two weeks in North New Zealand

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Get the most out of you limited time!

See all the things you have to!

If you are on your way to the fairy tale land New Zealand and you have limited time such as only two weeks. I will here give you a mini guide to things that you have to see when you are in the North New Zealand and how to get further around. So jump in and lets explore the land made of magic!



North New Zealand

Fly to Auckland in the north New Zealand and make it your base for some days. Here you have a lovely city surrounded by nature. There are parks, art galleries, and everything a big city has. When I was there in March they had a Art festival with all these lovely outdoor activities.

auckland view Explore in north New Zealand


From here you can meet lovely people and explore. In Auckland you can go to Peterpans  that you can find here. It is a cool travel agency. There is free wifi and they have alle the trips for traveling all around the island ore maybe just north New Zealand. The also have connection to busses you can go with. Then you can be sure that you get to see it all. They are very helpfull! Finding the best trips that you would like to try out. I found all my activities that I did in the north New Zealand such as; my canyoning tour, surfing lesson and inspiration for my horseback riding. It is also a great place to meet other backpackers and you can borrow there computer for free.


Surfing Auckland piha beach Explore in north New Zealand


Going around

Renting a car is lovely. It gives you so much freedom! But you have to be aware of that they drive in the right side of the road! You need to have a driving license and it is more expensive then going with bus. It is a luxury and it gives you more time and more freedom to plan your trip. Remember to really check out the insurance policy and find out what your own travel insurance cover before renting! Mostly the roads are good so a economic car that can save you money on gas is okay. Make sure that you put you GPS to take the big roads els you on end up driving miles ore kilometeres on very bad roads in the land. We experienced that one time I was sure the car would not survive! But the gas is not that expensive some people even by a very old cheap car and build a bed in to it so they have place to sleep. Some just fill the car up and split the cost so it get cheeper.


Road trip Explore in north New Zealand


Going by bus

The cheep way is the bus. There is this bus company Kiwiexperience that has all this different kind of routs from the north to the south of New Zealand and it is a great way to travel your way down and get the most out of the time you are there. If you dont want to plan everything now you can just drop in at Perterpans and they can help you with the busses as well.


Busses in north New Zealand


But before you leve Auckland

There is many lovely Beaches to visit! Piha Beach is beautiful and have lovely routes to hike! There is also Mission bay and there is a huge harbor in Auckland where you can find boats going to diffrent places. Me and my friend we went with the boat to Waiheke Island Where we rented bikes when we arrived on dry land. Then we drove along the island for a whole day. It was so nice and so much fun. I can really recommend that! Enjoy some nice dinning


Biking at waheki island north New Zealand


I will just give you some nice places to eat while you visit Auckland.


Right in front of the station there is a place out on the street (almost) that serves coffee and sandwiches it is a god places to start your day and make the last planes.

If you want a really nice break fast ore maybe some lunch before 3 pm. You should defiantly try Federal and wolfe cafe very nice and lovely place.


There is all these so cool places where you can buy sushi to go! In the evening before they close, it gets down to half price! If you want a treat, you should go and have an ice-cream at Giapo! best ice-cream I have ever tried! And you design it your self! You also find so many juice bars like TANKS Juice  and small places where you can grab something. I can recommend to go away from queeensstreet and try the smalle streets.


Giapo ice-cream north New Zealand



In the evenings just once, would be nice to go to Federal Delicates! It is nice food, but the best thing must the the dessert! Seriously I could just go back just to have one more! Behind the Biomart transport center you also find so many cool resturenats and cafes. You also find a cool Club here. This place XUXU dumpling bar is very small and nice and have good cocktails. If you want to go dancing the 1885 Britomart is a cool place to go.

If you want more inspiration you can look at this page where they have more to say about cool cafes.


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