Airplane activities

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How to make time fly on a plane

You are on your way.. maybe you have had small butterflies in your stomach since yesterday? And after 2 hours in the airport doing the last shopping you are finally in the plain finding your seat. You are on your way so exiting! But then it hits you “fuck I have to be here for the next 3, 5, 8, 10 hours what to do?” No worries here is 10 airplane activities.

Airplane activities

For me it does not matter how long the trip takes I ALWAYS get bored and impatience. Even some times the small trips are the worst because they don’t have movies. So after I have travel so many times and the butterflies still comes every time the day before which you can find help to here. I now finally made 10 tips to survive the plain traveling. I also get blowed by a blowfish every time u eat the food but I made another post for tips to eat on the plain. Well, here we go.

Airplane activities


1. If you are a reader

The obvious airplane activity is of course a good book if you are that kind of person that can disappear from everything around you in to another universe then I am SO JALOUSE always wanted to do that to make time flies books can be heavy and be unhandy when you don’t have so much space in the plain so if you have a tablet download your books ore magazines. Then you have less to carry ore more space for activities ore snacks! And you can find a lot of free books to download and also get audio books so you only have to lean back an listen to the magic of the story.



airplane activities books reading


2. If you are not a reader

Like me always buying a lot of magazines to look trough them once and carrying books and only not to read them well you need to ask yourself “if I where at home doing nothing and the power went of and there where no internet what would I do to entertain myself?” If you like playing games on your phone maybe put some on your phone ore on your tablet but what about power? Well, rule no 1. Always have a powerbank with fully charged when you travel. And if you are on a long trip there is most of the time a usb plug at you screen where you can charge your devices! A tablet can be very handy a have many airplane activities such as apps where you can be creative like editing you photos, videos, writing poetry, story’s, journal, ideas that mostly comes when you are bored!


3. Selecting movies

If you are on a long one there will always be movies! And that’s lovely! The best airplane activity! Then times sometimes flies ore some of it doesn’t. Movies are about taste and I always choose different kind of movies and a documentary so I don’t get bored of seeing the same things again and again. I starts with the one I find most interesting and then take something that is the opposite after. Maybe it will work for you as well?


airplane activities
airplane activities

4. If you are together

It is always nice to have a travel partner that you can speak the ears off. But if it’s a long journey and you end up having no more to discuss you can always have fun with making snap chat faces and make each other laugh. You can play the old I am looking ore I am thinking of something and then the other shall guess. Big finger resell, card games ore download some of these games to your phone that you can both play such as skipbo, tip toe

Remember always to take picture of your sleeping partner it will come handy some day trust me!


airplane activities
airplane activities


5. The perfect music

If you sit in a plain and people a speaking loudly ore babies crying ore you just want to disagree music can be a true saver! If you ask me it is not a bad idea to invest in some god headphones to your trip they have to be comfortable to wear for a long time to be handy to have with you, have a good sound and lock every sound out. Some prefer the big headphones they cover your ears but remember to bring some that you can sleep with as well and they might be big to Carry around. Others like earplugs but they can start hurting ore not really block out other sounds. I like both but for small trips I usually have earplugs they are most handy.

We all have different music taste but I made some flight mood playlist you can see if you like here on Spotify. I have Spotify premium because then you can download you playlist and listen to them offline in the plain. I have one for sleep, daydreams, coffee relax, excitement, sun, eating, stimulating.


airplane activities
airplane activities


6. Exercise

Have you ever tried not to fit in to your shoes after a plain ride? Well this is important! Just the thought of flying my feed start becoming big like an elephant. And siting for many ours is not good for the boot flow in your veins and can in wears scenario give plugs! So move around. Exercise is a great airplane activity! They say you need to move every hour. I just say I don’t and it’s awful and I need to be better at it I know that! I have considered buying the socks ore panties it’s mostly for old people but it is really a problem for me! But exercise walk around. Find a place where you can make some small exercise I made a video which exercise you can do onboard.


airplane activities exercise

7. Speak up

Unless you are a big family on 6 people traveling you will always sit by a stranger and how cool is that? Well it can be very awkward and you might just be polite with your side mate. But hay try to speak up you might actually enjoy meeting another person. When I was on my way home from New York I was sitting beside two men and we had the most amazing and inspiring talks ever ended up enjoying vine and talking the whole way that was an amazing trip I always will remember. So I can only advice to speak up!


airplane activities
airplane activities


8. The perfect sleep

How nice would it be to get to your seat and sleep to your reach you destination? I wished that I had a super power like that my best friend has that ability can not tell what I would do for that. And try to imagine our trips together I am not the lucky one here but like I said in if you are together sleep photos will come handy! But I surely proper myself to get the best sleep possible. Seasick pills makes you sleepy that can be nice if you have trouble falling to sleep but wait with eating it before you have been seating the first meal on the flight els you will be so tired and disturbed when they serve.

Have a nice pillow. Mostly they give you pillows but it’s always nice to have an extra I have a meditation pillow with beats in so it can change form as I need it to I always bring that with me. It can be cold in a plain so remember to wear comfy clothes that you can move around in and layers so you can change according to the heat. And you can always use it as extra sport but don’t over do it! I made some examples of flight outfits. So now you have the perfect clothes so you are comfortable and not to cold ore warm and you have the perfect sleeping playlist good headphones for sleeping and maybe a little sea sick pill to help the butterflies to rest now lean back and let the world around you disappear. When you wake up again remember to do the exercises.


airplane activities cat sleeping


9. Day dream

It is not only in your sleep that you can dream actually it can be a great brain exercise as well! One of the perfect airplane activities to, maybe put on some chill music, and then just find a spot to look at and then dream away.. Dream of what is going to happened ore you are the queen of England the first man on Mars of maybe at the top of Mount Everest maybe you change sex ore become a fish only your imagination set the boundaries. So dream away and if you get board try to imagine what others think ore dream of ore what there historie after you can always speak up and find out if your story about them was true?


airplane activities day dream traveling


10. Råinbow mind

3 hour flight that is nothing and 5 hours they will go fast i have been traveling sometimes 28 hours in total with plain shifts and all. But why is it then that it always seems to be the small trips that feel the longest? is it the flight, the size the food? If you ask med i will say it is the RAINBOW mind! When I have to fly long destinations i am always more prepared and i know it will take time and I can’t make it go faster. So I decide to take the time it takes be in now rush and just follow the flow and in some how 13-18-25 hours of traveling goes so fast. But the small trips goes awfully long if i start to think they will go quick. its all in your little min so relax and let it take the time it will there is nothing to do than lean back and enjoy to here there in the moment.


airplane activities
airplane activities


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