First time in Rio de Janeiro how to get around

First time in Rio de Janeiro
Dreams sometimes come true and mine did this year.

First time in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana celebrating new years eve. Drinks, mountains, beaches and salsa.  Two weeks where we explored a jungle surrounded by a jungle. Our family and friends where worried for our safety in a jungle where your here about a lot of crimes in the street. If they where right to be I will tell you in our guide of Rio de janeiro.


One of a kind PARIS

Paris, dirty, romantic and one of a kind!

For five days and four nights I lived in a dreamy world in Paris. Sometimes I just wanted to pinch myself to see if it was real ore a lovely dream. But How to find all this magic is there a way ore is it just how it is? Well.. I will tell you what I think.


Paris is always a good idea

Why is that? How can it be, that when my boyfriend invited me to Paris this fall my first thought was “Paris is always a good idea”? I am not the only one thinking this. Especially here in fall and around spring, people always think that Paris is a good idea. I know its a quote from Audrey Hepburn. But how can it be, that it is something so many girls can relate to?


To old for family vacation?

Family vacation – when you are all grown up – ore maybe not yet

Finally, you are all grown up! Now you can decide yourself. The world lies in front of you, it is ready to be concurred! No annoying parents ore siblings. You are finally free.. So why even think about spending a whole week of your busy life, in the company of your family?

Cross the border Costa Rica to Nicaragua

Cross the border

What is it with the feeling when you have to cross the border to a new country? It is exiting a new country new adventures and what will not be waiting for you?  If you might not have done it before? Ore it might be awhile since last time? It can then it is nice to know what is waiting for you.. Here you find some good advices when you have to cross the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua and back again.


Nicaragua Bucket list

 Nicaragua deserves a to do list so here is the Nicaragua Bucket list

Nicaragua Bucket list is a list that I and many others I think can recommend you to set some time of to do if you are traveling in ore through Nicaragua. Because that is truly an adventure and these things make it a fairytale to live in and creates so strong and good memories and stories to bring with you home.


Nicaragua backpacking travel tips

You HAVE TO visit Nicaragua

That was what everyone said on our way around Costa Rica. It is Beautiful, cheap and an experience. Now I have been there for one week and maid my way from the boarder 214 km up in the country to León and then down again. Here is what I learned and think about Nicaragua.


Crossing the border Costa Rica to Panama

Crossing the border in the south Costa Rica

The coolest border to cross? Deffinetly not like another boarder you might have crossed in central america! But here is all the good advices when you are crossing the border from Costa Rica to Panama. And the other way around.


Packing list central America

The ultimate packing list for central america for 3 weeks

How to make a packing list and what can you expect when you are traveling to the other side of the world? The only clues you have, is what you read on the internet, but even that can still be confusing. Her is a list of things to pack and things you might think you will need but you won’t


North Costa Rica

North Costa rica here we come

North Costa Rica, means that we had to make our way up the mountain hills, changing plans, get to really use the 4 wheel drive and see the landscape change from hilled, to flat, to sea cost.