Car rental Costa Rica

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On the road again! How cool it is on the road again

Well I have to admit that me and Jacob we are huge fans of bikes and don’t have a car at home. We never drive in cars but both have licens. Maybe that has a bit to say about our entusiasme to roadtrips? But anyways here are all our experience if you are planning a road trip and have to do car rental Costa Rica.

Car rental costa rica

We had rented a car at Europcar so we could get around fast because of the time limit of 3 weeks. We also need a car els it is really not called a roadtrip right?
We made our reservation from back home so we could talk with people from the danish office and be sure that we had everything covered and what to pay and so on.
The thing about renting a car is that it is more expensive but it is also so much more convenient and it will save you time!
Europecar they will freeze 1500 dollar so remember to calculate that in you budget they will get unfreeze a week ore two after you get back home.
Make sure to find out what your own insurances back home covers before you leave and fly your way on adventures.
That is the start of saving some money so you might not get double insured. But it is also important that you are fully covered if something should happen.


Car rental costa rica
Car rental costa rica


4 Wheel drive

Just buy thinking of it I sit with my pilot glasses on and in my most look like safari clothes. I had read from back home that it was a good idea to have a 4 wheel drive because of the roads. Okay we need to look deeper in to that! It really depends if you know where you are going! because the roads are actually pretty god but are you going out of the main roads well yeah definitely then you need a 4 wheel drive ! We only did that once when we had to go to Rio Celeste y Los Teñideros. Els.. well really did not need it.


Car rental costa rica

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But then again when you spend many hours and you have you backpacks and beach towels that needs to hang then it is very nice to have a big car that basically becomes your second home. Some very good tips about towels that I wished I had known in the packing advices. Nice to know when you have to fill gas on is just to drive in to the gas station say fill it up and a man ore a woman will do it for you and all gas station we went to they to creditcard.


Waterfall mountain car rental costa rica

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Flight and pick up

When you rent a car with Europcar you give them your flight details and then they will pick you up when you get there. So lovely! But our flight where dalayd all the way.. so instead of arriving at 7 pm we arrived at 10 pm and the car rental where closed so no one there to pick us up. That meant we had to take a cap to where we had booked ourselves in San José. There are so many people trying to get you to drive with them out in front of the airport! Keep calm! they are also very helpfull. Here is the number of europe car +506 24409990 and you can always ask one to call if your pick up is not there.


Car rental costa rica airport

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Caps and prices

Then there are local drivers, licend drivers, Uber (if you have internet) and red taxies. It is very confusing after a long travel to find out who is who? I actually thought we got a red taxi driver until he took us to a parking lot and then I found out he was a licend one. The red caps drive with taxi meters. The licend once you get a price. They know you are new and they will try to get most money out of you. With us they started at 40 dollar then we ended up paying 25 but found out that with a uber cap it cost 8 dollars. I would advice maximum 20 dollar and even 15 if you can get one for that to central.


Car rental costa rica
Car rental costa rica

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7 gold tips

Okay now to the cool tips that I will share with you that we found so cool when we did car rental Costa Rica.

  1. GPS.. dont use a lot of money to rent a GPS from back home you can download offline maps on google maps and it works perfectly!
  2. We do recommend automatic gear.. We did not think it would make a difference because we always drive manual. But when you drive so much and there is queues and a lot of mountain roads then it is very handy! Jacob my old man almost got hip problems haha..
  3. Music is very important have a AUX with you so you can plugin you phone. Then the Gps also goes out trough the speakers most of the time..
  4. You can rent a internet hot spot for your car.. well we just bought a sim card to one of the phones. Then if we really needed it we had internet to find things. You can buy it in Wall mart right beside Europecar. (Spanish language is a help but we got trough it anyway)
  5. POWERBANK! You will need this! Playing music and using your gps! Your phone will need a good power bank as a support!
  6. Save plastic save money we bought a big boodle (6L) to have in the bag and then filled our smalle water boodles from there.
  7. A small towel you have in the car to dry your feet from sand when you have been on the bach! Els… SAND EVERYWHERE!


Car rental costa rica

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Plan your trip save money

We did rent it for all the 23 days we where there and we could not have done it without but we spontaneously wanted to visit Nicaragua and Panama and you can NOT cross the boarder with the car. So we ended up only using it for 10 days and paid for 23.



The car at the boarder

When you cross to Nicaragua there is a lot of people just like at the beach Manuel Antonio that tries to take money from you. They promise you that they will take care of your car when your are in Nicaragua. But you dont have to pay you can leave your car at the side where the people are coming back from Nicaragua. We did that for 7 days and nothing happened.


Car rental costa rica
Car rental costa rica

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Panama boarder

It is a bit different at the boarder to Panama. Here even the police say that it is not safe to park your car ore it will get smashed. So we had to pay 9 dollar pr day super expensive but worth it. I dont know if you can park it safe in Puerto Viejo and then take a shuttle? We paid and then we did not have to worry. You pay when you get back.



I loved having the car but to save money I would plan it better and thats why i give you my advices and experiences.
We only had one accident in Tamarindo a very touristy city we drove down to the beach there where free parking and a man who looked after the cars. So it should be safe! But after 2 hours on the beach when we came back someone had taken a key an scratched the whole car. Lucky we had full cover so nothing to worry about just very annoying.


Car rental costa rica scooter

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Dont get stuck

Just because you have a car dear to do other forms for transportation. Dont just lay back. Mostly we had to find other ways to transport ourself because of we could not cross with car. But it was actually very cool and nice to have break from the car we did Chicken busses, scooter, bikes, ferry, mini busses, boat, boat taxi. There is so many ways to transport yourself and it is fun!


Car rental costa rica chicken bus

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Car rental costa rica ferry


Car rental costa rica boat taxi
Car rental costa rica

Car rental costa rica Boat taxi

Car rental costa rica bike
Car rental costa rica


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