Car rental Costa Rica

On the road again! How cool it is on the road again

Well I have to admit that me and Jacob we are huge fans of bikes and don’t have a car at home. We never drive in cars but both have licens. Maybe that has a bit to say about our entusiasme to roadtrips? But anyways here are all our experience if you are planning a road trip and have to do car rental Costa Rica.


San Jose Costa Rica

The capital in the pure vida land San José

San José the center of jungles and mountains! The middle of a city jungle, and a nature one. You will fly in to the heart of a country where you plant an intention and start you journey out on adventures.


Road trip Costa Rica

Pura vida – Pure life – is that what you can find in Costa Rica?

ROAD TRIP! We planned 3 weeks of adventure in Costa Rica but the trip ended up to be so much more than that. Taking os closer and further to places we had not imagined. You will also find the answer to the many timed asked question is Costa Rica Expensive?


La Fortuna adventures

La Fortuna, thw fortune of adventures

Want to dear yourself get adrenaline pumping, find your boundaries and explore the incredible nature of Costa Rica? Then La Fortuna my friends is the pace to go wild and get stimulated!


Travel hangover

“It is scary annoying and depressing..”

Travel hangover

Everyone who has travelled for more than two weeks knows it! – And have dealed with the travel hangover when they got home. It is a killer.. and it is mean! But let’s have a honest talk about this and I will tell you my secrets of how to get over it. (more…)

New Zealand

Fairy tale land in th south

We have seen all the magnificent of New Zealand i many great movies such as the Lord of the rings, The Hobbit, Narnia, and other fairy tales. So when I got the opportunity to visit, I just had to! I always had a dream of riding on a horse trough the beautiful nature. This story about my New Zealand adventure is full of stories! I can promise that!

Lots of love



Two weeks in North New Zealand

Get the most out of you limited time!

See all the things you have to!

If you are on your way to the fairy tale land New Zealand and you have limited time such as only two weeks. I will here give you a mini guide to things that you have to see when you are in the North New Zealand and how to get further around. So jump in and lets explore the land made of magic!