Nicaragua Bucket list

 Nicaragua deserves a to do list so here is the Nicaragua Bucket list

Nicaragua Bucket list is a list that I and many others I think can recommend you to set some time of to do if you are traveling in ore through Nicaragua. Because that is truly an adventure and these things make it a fairytale to live in and creates so strong and good memories and stories to bring with you home.


Nicaragua backpacking travel tips

You HAVE TO visit Nicaragua

That was what everyone said on our way around Costa Rica. It is Beautiful, cheap and an experience. Now I have been there for one week and maid my way from the boarder 214 km up in the country to León and then down again. Here is what I learned and think about Nicaragua.


Crossing the border Costa Rica to Panama

Crossing the border in the south Costa Rica

The coolest border to cross? Deffinetly not like another boarder you might have crossed in central america! But here is all the good advices when you are crossing the border from Costa Rica to Panama. And the other way around.