Cross the border Costa Rica to Nicaragua

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Cross the border

What is it with the feeling when you have to cross the border to a new country? It is exiting a new country new adventures and what will not be waiting for you?  If you might not have done it before? Ore it might be awhile since last time? It can then it is nice to know what is waiting for you.. Here you find some good advices when you have to cross the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua and back again.

The big overview of the boarder

We had rented a car so we drove all the way up to the border. But be aware that when you rent a car you can not cross the borders with it. you can drive all the way up to the office. Here you will find a white building where you have to get your stamp and pay your fees (more of that further down)
When you arrive in car you can park your car and then go in and do the formalities. There will be people trying to charge you for the parking and try to convert your money.. well dont! If you are in car you can park for free on the other side of the building where you enter when you get back to Costa Rica.


Cross the border costa rica nicaragua

If you aren’t in car then you can find inspiration here for bus tours

Lets get our stamps

It cost you 7 dollar pr person to exit Costa Rica and cross the border. There is a computer stand in the end of the room. Here you can pay with credit card ore els you have to pay cash. You also have to fill out a form that you can get from the people behind the desk (if you are clever get two then you can save one for the return if you are returning). It is nice to bring a peen because they only have two. When we where there only one was working. If you are unlucky you can get there at a time when there is a lot of people. Then one pen is going to cost a lot of waiting time. After you have those to things go to the people behind the desk and get your stamps.


Pasport stamps cross the border costa rica nicaragua


Now start walking..

When you cross the border remember some water it is hot and the walk is a couple of 100 meters. When you get to the Nicaraguan side there will be a small white house on your left. Go trough there ore they will call for you if you look lost. then right behind two officers will greed you and check your stamps and papers. Then they will tell you to continue.


cross border costa rica nicaragua



when you walk you will see on your left a big square with small shops around and in front of a building. this is the building you have to enter it is the door most to the left and when you get in there there is a small both inside where they check your stamps again and you have to pay 1 dollar pr person. then you go to the next pas control and here you will pay two dollar pr person. They only accept cash. Then go straight forward and they check your bag when you get outside there is a small gate here some officers check that you have payed and got the stamps.


paipers stamps cross border costa rica nicaragua

And Welcome

See that was not so hard! everything when smooth.. but now the fun begin how to get from there and further up the country. be prepared people will try to encircle you asking if you need a taxi ore a bus ore anything els and it is hard to think straight when they need talking in each others mouth. So glad I had Jacob tacking everything so cool and just walked away but they actually go with you quit long.


Cross the border costa rica nicaragua


Taxi ore bus?

We ended up taking a local taxi driver up to granada paying him 40 dollars witch was okay it was a long drive and he was sweet and we got away from the madness. we only had one week so we had to move a bit fast sometimes and this got us far fast. If you want to go to San juan del sur don’t pay more than 20 dollars.


Car rental costa rica chicken bus


Getting back

Well now you now the drill and it is so much easier and more familiar when you get back. You now where to go it is the same way back they will check your passport in the gate get a formular there and then fill out again. then enter and go in to the passport control pay 2 dollars pr person and go out on the other side. when you cross the boarder remember on your left to visit the officers at the small house. Then arrive to Costa Rica side here you will need to fill out a form again and then have your flight ticket out of Costa Rica this is important els you will not get accepted. we busted showed it on the phone. Then get you stamps and get you bags checked and welcome back.


Cross the boarder costa rica nicaragua


Money cost

Out pr person
  • 7 dollars exit fee Costa Rica
  • 1 dollar municipalty tax Nicaragua
  • 12 doller enter fee Nicaragua
In pr person
  • 2 dollar exit fee Nicaragua
  • 1 dollar municipalty tax Nicaragua


I hope this gave you a picture of what is going to happen. Els try to visit these blogs that was where we got our picture from before we cross the border.

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