Crossing the border Costa Rica to Panama

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Crossing the border in the south Costa Rica

The coolest border to cross? Deffinetly not like another boarder you might have crossed in central america! But here is all the good advices when you are crossing the border from Costa Rica to Panama. And the other way around.

The border

This border is at the Costa Rican side is not so updated as the one at the one leading to Nicaragua. You will not find a big office ore many trucks as there. Nighter will you see many official people. When you arrive with car if you have rented one you will find a road down on your left. At the end of that road you can park. We hoped that we should not pay to have our car parked for the week but even the police officers said it was not safe to leave it. There is a place where you can park your car and they will keep it safe it will cost you $9 USD pr day. They only take cash. They will of course get in touch with you when you park at the boarder we paid $54 USD for 6 days.


Get your exit stamp

There is two options here there is in the building with the officers a machine where you can buy this ticket you need when you are crossing the border. To get your pay $7 USD if the machine is often broke you can buy your ticket for $8 USD. You can buy it at a small kiosk where you parked the car. Here you also get a form that you need to fill out. After that go up on the road and to you left a little white building where you will give them your paper and passport and get your stamp.

Crossing the boarder from costa rica to panama

Crossing the border

At the left you will find the bridge where you have to cross. when you are crossing the boarder right before you will see a trailer office with police men. They can check your stamps if they want to but they did not bother when we came. In the old days it was this very old and cool bridge like ind the movie but now they made a new one and for the safety of everyone i think that was a good idea. But I sneaked over and took a photo.

Crossing the boarder from costa rica to panama

Welcome to Panama

You are now half way trough crossing the border. When you arrive take a left and go all the way down to the big with building where there is a market where you can buy drinks and tak a left to get to where the office is. There is officers at the end of the bridge and they can ask to see your stamps and then they will tell you to go to the right where you have to pay 3 dollar tax to enter. But if they dont say anything then you are lucky and don’t have to pay.
At the office to the left you will find two lines one for entering and one for exit. Here thet will go trough your passport put stamps and take a nice photo of you so big smile! They will also like to know that you leave again so make sure you have a copy of your flight out ore you can show it on your mobile.

Crossing the boarder from costa rica to panama

Where to go now..

If you go a bit back then at the left from the bridge you passed a little square where a lot of mini busses and taxis where to find. We where heading for Almirante to go to Bocas del torso which is a must to go to and many backpackers do! Here you can go with a mini bus for 5 dollar pr person and then the boat will cost you 6 dollars ore if you buy a return it will cost 10 dollar pr person and you can go any time. (We found out that no matter what it only cost you 4 dollars back no matter who you go with) The mini busses leaves when they are full.

Crossing the boarder from costa rica to panama

Going back to Costa Rica

Here you now the place and now where to go. Now go to the office and get your exit stamp and then show it to the men at the bridge if they ask and they might tell you to go and pay $4 USD pr person for tax go to the right and a bit down you will find a open door and get your ticket here. Then go back to the bridge and now cross. Get your forms at the little office at the Costa Rican side. Fill it out show it to them get your stamp and welcome back to Costa Rica.

Crossing the boarder from costa rica to panama

The money cost

Costa Rica to Panama pr person
  • Exit fee $7-8 USD
  • Municipality tax Panama if asked $3 USD
  • Mini bus $5 USD
Panama to Costa Rica pr person
  • Municipality tax if asked $4 USD
Many other blogs write that you need a proof of $500 USD in you account but they dont always ask.
If you want to see how you can fake a ticket out if you dont know when you are leaving ore where to look at this blog


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