Dreaming about Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica yes thats right! Dreaming of middle America these day Costa Rica. About palm trees, jungle,  and sloths! I am a strong believer that it must bed paradise with changing weather and wonderful people. Where colors and smiles are the dominating picture and Pura vita is for real. Can you picture it for you? Well feel free to see what is on my wishlist so far..

Lots of love

How did this even begin..

Costa Rica how did we come up with that? Well.. A youtube video on facebook! How weird is that? And not one of how beautiful it is ore why you should go but a whole other kind of video! A video about a park with 900 stray dogs! it’s crazy! I Have a loving heard for animal and my boyfriend Jacob has even more! See the plans to go to Costa Rica


The big question..

I Asked him “If money did not matter what would he do with his life?” and he answered he would live somewhere warm and then he would help stray dogs and have a lovely chill life where all that matters was love.

So i started searching and after a while i found out that if you want to help street dogs you have to be volunteer which cost money and is not something you can live by doing.


Costa rica dreams


But still it is a dream

My dream is to live as an yoga instructor somewhere in paradise and have a nice simple life. All these leds ended up with Costa rica. I showed Jacob and enden up getting more and more interested af going to see if it is paradise and all the lovely animals and green jungle you can find there.


Tucan costa rica dreams


Cheap tickets

One day Jacob said out of the blue I have found very cheap tickets if we go in may for 3 weeks. He found them on momondo

And then i lost it searching for videos, pictures, information, contacted people who i knew had been there! And yeah it looks like paradise! I am almost shure it is PARADISE!


Man jungle costa rica dreams


Plan to visit Costa Rica



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