To old for family vacation?

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Family vacation – when you are all grown up – ore maybe not yet

Finally, you are all grown up! Now you can decide yourself. The world lies in front of you, it is ready to be concurred! No annoying parents ore siblings. You are finally free.. So why even think about spending a whole week of your busy life, in the company of your family?

Happy birthday and congratulations

In Martch I reached my 24th year, in my life. Congratulations and welcome to your grown up life. Thanks but – NO THANKS! I admit I LOVE being abel to plan my own things and just be selfish. That feeling of being free and not have to think what everyone els in the house has of plans. Do I feel like a grown up though? Not at all I don’t have anything figured out. Sometimes it is like I am building this beautiful life like a colorfull cardhouses. I feel proud and that everything is going so great! But then a wind come from east and my whole life piece, just fall to the ground. So cruel life can be.

Family vacation

Traveling as an adult

I can now at this moment count 27 countries visited on my list. More is to come YEAH! So lucky! But more of that another day. The past years I have travelled with friends, alone, with my boyfriend, lived in London, visited friends on the other side of the world in New Zealand, Partiet on Ibiza and relaxed with my cousines in the sea buy the shore of the Maldives. There has been group tours, working, living, backpacking, charta, yoga education and so much more. My point? – I am not afraid of the world I LOVE IT. I am an independent woman who loves to travel. (I think)

 Family vacation

Why even consider a family vacation

Why did I say yes to go on a family vacation with my parents and siblings. A 15 hour drive in a car, all the way down to Lake Como in Italy? Okay first I have to admit that, the summer this year in Denmark has been awful bad! So I missed summer, warm and the feeling of being away in a foreign country. Traveling is so close to my heart that I will do anything to go that is a reason to. But the most surprising must be that I MISS THEM! I miss my crazy parents and my annoying siblings.

Family vacation


family vacation

Family vacation for the wind

So when I had the opportunity to be with them more then just a day ore two, as I am when I visit them. I just had to take the chance. And now – well.. so glad I did! Off course i thought “Will this end bad, am I to old for this?” But it did not at all and I LOVED it! Could do it all over again! Felt so close with my family again. Plus it was very nice to not be in charge and think about what next? Mom has it all covered! The rest of us just follow, like here little wolf puppy pack. Had so much fun learning my siblings all over again playing cards, hiking and feating goats on a mountain.

Family vacation


Never to old

My conclusion.. I will NEVER EVER be to old to go on a family vacation with them! I will go again! Maybe bring Jacob. But even if it is just me, I am so ready! Anywhere they want to go I will love to come! Because I know it will be so much fun! After all, it was them who started my traveling addiction when I was young. Mom, dad and little once you are stuck with me forever, no matter where you go! haha..

Family vacation


Family vacation


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