La Fortuna adventures

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La Fortuna, thw fortune of adventures

Want to dear yourself get adrenaline pumping, find your boundaries and explore the incredible nature of Costa Rica? Then La Fortuna my friends is the pace to go wild and get stimulated!

Home is where the heart is..

La Fortuna is a turist city but a great take of point. I had a dream which you can see here. I dreamt of staying at a 5 start backpacker hostel and live in a safari tent so we did. It was a bit expensive and very loud and we did not really use the soundings. Like the lovely pool because of the bit off weather and in the day we where out exploring. We bought earplugs. I think this place is so cool in the summertime (Dec-April) and if you want to party all night. They have god food to fair prices.


La Fortuna Volcano costa rica

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Is Costa Rica expensive?

Well.. Yes it is. I have heard many get surprised but it also hit us as a chock. It is cheaper then Scandinavia! And San Jose was the most expensive. 

Where to eat..

There is many nice places to eat in La Fortuna. We liked the vegitarian one who also had non vegetarian. It was right cross the street of lava lounge It is the only one with vegetarian sign. They make nice dinner but breakfast not so god. But further out and near the backpacker hostel there where a lovely organic cafe making fantastic breakfast just beside this Pizzaria. Costa rica is not known for there food so when you can get good food I personally think it is worth spending the money on it. Especially when you are on a road trip and on the road it is so hard to find nice food that is not rice, beans ore deep-fried fastfood.


La Fortuna Chocolat bakery cafe Organic breakfast

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Hiking the Volcano

The city La Fortuna lives out of tourist and all these trips and there are so many choices! So even with no car you can explore so much! it is more expensive to take trips then do it yourself. We looked at a tour magazine at our hostel and planed where to drive and what to do from inspiration from that. We had a lovely Hike next to the Volcano trough rainforrest the rout was called 1968 trail which take you past a little lake to. Remember to wear proper shoes. If you only take one hike like we did you dont need hiking shoes take a look at our packing list for inspiration i does not have to be that high geared. At the trail we also got good tips from a local where to find the best hanging bridges, best zip lining, and where to take a swim in hot springs for free..


La Fortuna

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La fortuna volcano trail stone costa rica

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La Fortuna

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The hangning bridges

The best hanging bridges in La Fortuna is at Mistico and how can I decide that. Well as said a local said we should go there and we did the park was amazing taking you trough the rainforest over beautiful bridges and wit incredible views. Half way trough we got caught in rain I have NEVER tried something like that it was still warm but we got SO wet! and there was nothing to do then try to enjoy it and we had a lot of fun with it! We tried some other hanging bridges at sky adventure but it was really not the same experience! The where better for other things! But Hanging bridges I can recommend here!


La Fortuna mistico hanging bridges costa rica

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La Fortuna mistico hanging bridges costa rica

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Zip lining

We had a really great tour at the sky adventures! We drove up there ourselves and then we booked a tour up there. We where there at 11 but I would advice people to get early because of queue and the tours can get sold out. We had to wait for 1 and a half our to get on our trip but they gave os free pass to a walk on there hangning bridges so that was cool! We took the zip-line and water rafting tour. Jacob is so afraid like really afraid of heights so I was so nervous how it would all go. This tour is not always running because of the dry season and the hight of the water but lucky for us it had rained the day before. We had two instructors Pepe and JC and they where so professional and super cool and fun! they new exactly how to be there for everyone and there needs! And then the tour where just so much fun and so cool! I could not bring my camera but I also think its better to see it for yourself! After we got a drink and something to eat in there restaurant overlooking the stunning Arenal lake.


La Fortuna Zip lining beer Lake arenal Sky adventure view Costa rica

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La fortuna costa rica rain forest

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La Fortuna Zip lining beer Lake arenal Sky adventure view Costa rica

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Hot springs

Well.. many ways to do hot springs! so many hotels with spa! a lot of hostels do trips to Baldi spa and resort. We did it for FREE. From the good advices from the local we went to a little river where you and others can take a lovely relaxing seat in the hot water. It is just at a small bridge at tabacón spa and resort you will see a small yellow gate go down there to the river. I can recommend to go there no matter how tiered and how rainy the weather is and bring something cold to drink then i promise you will be in heaven!


La Fortuna

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Lake Arenal – North Costa Rica

From La Fortuna we made our way up the lake Arenal see what we did from here and find more inspiration for your trip!



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