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Fairy tale land in th south

We have seen all the magnificent of New Zealand i many great movies such as the Lord of the rings, The Hobbit, Narnia, and other fairy tales. So when I got the opportunity to visit, I just had to! I always had a dream of riding on a horse trough the beautiful nature. This story about my New Zealand adventure is full of stories! I can promise that!

Lots of love


Once upon a time

There was a beautiful woman from Denmark who met a man on her travels in Thailand. He was from England but lived in Australia. (I know har dot follow but try!) They fell in LOVE and she moved to the other side of the world to live with him. The moments without each other was unbearable.

Then they moved to New Zealand. Now, the beautiful Danish woman had been away for a while! She was missed and she missed her friends and family. All though that she was very in love and so happy to be where she was.

So she invited friends to come and visit her! And then I DID!

 Friends hanging Auckland New zealand


A dream comes true

Well.. i did not do a lot of planning. I bought a ticket as soon as I had the money. Then I was sure that I was going. I did not planned much because I was sure that 2 weeks in this place would be wonderful no matter what! I arrived at my birthday and 2 of our friends from back home (that was backpacking in Australia) joined as well!


 Friends roadtrip New zealand


All united

We went on adventure. She had a car so we drove out to se Huka waterfalls, bungyjump, and explore places. When the two girls went on with there trip, I stayed in Auckland at my friends and did trips by myself when she was working. I had days where i explored the city and meet up with her after work and days where I had booked cannyoing, surfing and one day horse back riding.


Huka waterfall new zealand

Huka waterfall new zealand


Finding the horse

Like I already told you horse back riding was my dream so I had to go! Unfortunately I had lost my driver licens, so i could not drive anywhere. It had to be by public transportation. But stubborn as I am I booked the tour and planned on google wich trains and busses to take and where to jump of in the middle of no where. From there I arrange a taxi to drive me the last 12 kilometers.


Piha beach auckland New zealand


That was the plan..

But not everything always goes by the plan! When i got to the middle of no where and had to get the taxi it was not there. So I was like “Okay I got water i got food the weather is nice I CAN WALK those 12 kilometers no problem!” .. After 500 meters I was dying thinking I can not do this what do I do? I am so close! So I started highjacking!


Beach babe New zealand mission bay


Need for Speed

The man who became my ride had a crazy car with all these need for speed kind of things. All tattooed and a real KIWI. After some small talk he showed me he actually was wearing a chain around his foot! Typical me when I get nervous I say stupid things so my respond was “As long as you did not kill someone” he was laughing so hard promising me that it was not the case. After getting lost we found the place and he even gave med his number if I wanted a ride back. But I found some other German people on the tour who gave me a ride..


Horseback riding New zealand


Nice people most of the times

I like the people in New Zealand they remind me of the danes. They are a bit reserved but if you need help the will be there for you. Once me and my friend had locked ourself out of the car in front of a supermarket but to old men helped us brake into it! And once when one of my planes for the day went wrong a surfer instructor I had been on a tour with took me with him on a tour which ended up with a friendship with a Norwegian girl who lives in Australia.
Waterfall Piha beach New Zealand auckland


A land full of things to happend

I only saw the north part and only some of it. I would LOVE to go back and explore more I dont think I have been there for the last time and maybe I can se my self live there for a while who knows? I can recommend everyone to go there! An visiting a friend aboard is just always AMAZING! Especially when it is someone close to your hart!


Girls drinking coffee to go auckland new zealand


Guide two weeks in north New Zealand

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