Nicaragua Bucket list

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 Nicaragua deserves a to do list so here is the Nicaragua Bucket list

Nicaragua Bucket list is a list that I and many others I think can recommend you to set some time of to do if you are traveling in ore through Nicaragua. Because that is truly an adventure and these things make it a fairytale to live in and creates so strong and good memories and stories to bring with you home.

Nicaragua Bucket list

Nicaragua backpacking travel tips

The Nicaragua bucket list

I really think that I will make a list this time. Normally I put it in in the aria what to do there but not this time.It is Time to do something els so here it goes.

  1. Go to Ometepe – Is definitely in the top of Nicaragua bucket list. Total fovorite! An amazing adventure taking the ferry to this volcano island in the lake and renting a scooter to drive around and find small adventures. Gives you the total feeling of being free and living in the here and now!
  2. Volcano surfing – In Leon you can but trips that takes you to an active volcano. It takes one our to hike the Volcano and from up there you will find a incredible view over the area and see many other volcanos in the landscape. The fun park is of course the surfing down. Was on my bucket list and I feel so blessed that I tried it.
  3. Volcano surfing Nicaragua Bucket list

    Visit the Volcano at Masaya – We did not go and I still regret it! everyone sid it was AMAZING! and I saw pictures and videos. You are going to a active volcano where you can literally see the lave flow inside. I heard that the evening tour should be the most exiting one!

  4. Watch the sunset go down behind the volcano in the beach Ometepe – I had to have this in the Nicaragua busket list. This was such a blissed moment! just laying there in the sand and see the sun go down. other people where there to and had music and beers it was absolutely amazing and I can only highly recommend it!
  5. ometepe sunset volcano nicaragua Bucket list Boat trip to the small islands in the lake outside Granada – Is a lovely boat ride where you see all these small islands and see a monkey island and just go with the flow taking time on one of the islands to take a drink and enjoy life and the view. Maybe take a dip in the pool while you are there.
  6. Granada – has to be on the Nicaragua busket list. It is a BEAUTIFULL color city with a lot to see, taste and just explore it. so many contrast and very interesting. when we were at Granada there where this religious parade very nice!
  7. Granada city Nicaragua Bucket list Drinks at san juan del sur beach – At the beach at san juan del sur is a lot of restaurants. Here you can sit in the evening with your toes in the sand under lit lamps and drinks lovely cocktails while looking at the water. Enjoyable
  8. Oho de Aqua – Nicaragua is hot and the water is hot. The lake is a bit lov and not see through water. But at Ometepe you can go to Oho de Aqua and take a dip in nice ice cold fresh water. crystal clear and lots of activities to do. Enjoy!

  9. oho de aqua nicaragua Bucket list ometepe Go explore Leon – Just go for a walk through the streets find hidden places small restaurants and see how people live. We saw a weeding in the big church and had a snack on a local pool bar where the locals where playing very Rocky balboa style.
  10. Give yourself a treat – Nicaragua is cheap so remember to enjoy yourself. Just once on your Nicaragua busket list give your self at treat. Forget to flip all the coins! Remember when you do to really enjoy the luxury you just gave yourself. Might be long before the next treat will come around.
    Nicaragua Bucket list
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