One of a kind PARIS

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Paris, dirty, romantic and one of a kind!

For five days and four nights I lived in a dreamy world in Paris. Sometimes I just wanted to pinch myself to see if it was real ore a lovely dream. But How to find all this magic is there a way ore is it just how it is? Well.. I will tell you what I think.

Paris you bitch

Paris was everything and more I have ever dreamed of. Normally i try to plan a lot where to go what to see and what to eat and how to get around. I almost did that this time had A LOT of stars on my google maps ready to conquer the city of romance.

Jump in paris

To be honest

I have been so stressed lately and the night before leaving I only slept for 30 minutes. I woke up and had to be at work 6.45 am and we where at the hotel 11 pm. So a loong stressfull day. We ended up randomly at this local bar and had 2 glasses of the nicest vine just sitting there watching the french people enjoying there evening with wine and cheese.

Paris drink vine chablis

2 step forward one step back

Early birds we took of from the hotel ready to hunt the stars in the city of love. Parisian people dont get up so early on a Saturday morning around 9 am. So much was closed but we found a cute little cafe at Louvre to drink our morning coffee and eat a crossint. I was still so stressed out! I first really started to relax when my boyfriend said to me to forget about my stupid stars and plans and just follow the beat of the city.

Louvre paris

Paris eifeltower

Not at all pumping

So I did and it was amazing to let go and just be and follow the flow wondering around ready for everything to come. When Jacob went home on sunday I staid for two more days at my friends place and keept the flow in mind.


Love wall in paris


The days went by

Drinking coffee and vine eating cake and cheese and just be and take it all ind just do wat ever felt right and just being in the moment! I was not ready at all to go back it felt so good to just let go and i had no idea that Paris could help me with that.


Siene paris


So how to find the magic?

If you ask me.. stop looking for it! You are in it the moment you plant you feet in Paris and instead of trying to find it then just be in it and find your own magic moments.


But if I should pin something out

And so much more!!

Pleas tell me what your favorit places are in Paris in the comments below.

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