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The ultimate packing list for central america for 3 weeks

How to make a packing list and what can you expect when you are traveling to the other side of the world? The only clues you have, is what you read on the internet, but even that can still be confusing. Her is a list of things to pack and things you might think you will need but you won’t

Does not look very nice..

I am not gonna lie. When I looked at the prognoses of the weather I was thinking to myself, and in the end out loud “what are we doing?”. We are going on vacation, to a place where it looks like they are in a cronical storm. I have traveled in rain season before, but I was a bit nervous because you never now with mother nature..


Weather costa rica Packing list

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Stay calm

It might look tariffing! But it is very different to what you imagine. We had packed for hot weather, cold weather, hiking, relaxing and going out. Well not all of it was necessary and other things where. So glad that I convinced Jacob not to use € 400 on hiking boots, long sleeved trousers for hiking and a warm blouse for hiking. No need for this when you remaking your packing list for central America


Packing list backpacking

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The hiking equipment

We where differently ready to hike all of Costa Rica. Jacob was so nervous that he did not have the right shoes. Yes you need proper shoes! But if you are not a hiker at home don’t go out and spend a lot of money on shoes. Use the money on your vacation instead and put good trainers on your packing list. I brought 2 pair of Nikes free and a pair of Nature shoes that is absolutely amazing to fly in. Especially when my feet gets swollen. And then a had one pair of sandals.


Packing list shoes trainers drying

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Packinglist sandals marc jacobs

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We thought ..

That it could be cold in the mountains. It turned out that it wasn’t really. It was only when we drove back to San josé in the end that it was a bit chill. I think it was because we where starting to get use to the warm climate. On our packing list we had some thin jackets and raincoats and did not use them once. When it rained we where in the car, under a roof on a terrace ore hiking in the rainforest. In the rainforest it was so sultry that we could not have worn a rain jacket at all.. it is VERY humid!


Packing list jungle walk hiking

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Packing list scooter ometepe nicaragua

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The packing list of what to pack

This is just what we think was very nice to have with us. You might have other things you prefer in you backpack.

  1. Minimum 2 bikinis ore bikini and swimsuit ore bathing shorts!
  2. Microfiber towels! (we are definitely have does with us next time)
  3. Ikea bags (Nice to have you cloths seperate and can keep the bad smell of laundry ore shoes from your clean clothes)
  4. 1 pair of shorts and 1 t-shirt that its okay it gets dirty and you can through it away
  5. Max 4 pair of socks we packed 10 maybe 14 each and was way to many! Only took room.
  6. Wipes – I know weird to have on a packing list I bought them to remove make-up but they came handy for so many other things!
  7. Waterproof a resistant back that you normally have on a boat. not that expensive and saved our things so many times!
  8. Card games we brought – skibo
  9. AUX cable and power bank and a converter they do not have the same plugins as in europe.
  10. Neck pouch – we had one very nice in leather and was so handy to have all our valuables close
  11. Patch for blisters you might get some nasty once.
  12. 3 pair of closed shoes one pair of sandals.
  13. Dont pack to much for 3 weeks it is you sho is going to cary on it and you can wash on the way.
  14. Something warm and comfy for the flight
  15. If you are traveling with a partner see if there is something you can share like shampoo, suncream and pack some of yours and his/hers in both backs if one gets lost in the airport travel!
  16. Suncream (buyout at home it is expensive there)
  17. Ear plugs for the hostels and the jungle when you have to sleep


Packing list dry bag water proof

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Packing list dry bag water proof jungle hike rainforest

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Packing list of things we think you don’t need to take with you

  1. Rain jackets
  2. Warm jackets ore sweats
  3. Bug spray (buy it there)
  4. Normal towels – they will get nasty and stink and they are very hard to get dry.
  5. Bring to many pair of socks for your trainers
  6. Fancy clothes think more like you are going on a festival
  7. Ipad ore computers save it to you get home and just be on your adventures make notes on your phone if needed.


Packinglist man pets pigs

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I hope that this give you some inspiration for your packing list and i hope you will get a wonderful adventure !
Please share in the comment if you have something to add to the list
Lots of love


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