Paris is always a good idea

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Why is that? How can it be, that when my boyfriend invited me to Paris this fall my first thought was “Paris is always a good idea”? I am not the only one thinking this. Especially here in fall and around spring, people always think that Paris is a good idea. I know its a quote from Audrey Hepburn. But how can it be, that it is something so many girls can relate to?

The city of love

Romance, red vine and style is the first 3 things popping in to my head when I think about Paris. The heart of Europe. For centuries it has been a fashion capital, the birth place for a revolution in europe democracy and it has this deep fog of heavy romance laying over its skyline. Dates, heavy flirts and a lot of hearts have been broken here. But even so we all dream of the romance in Paris.


Paris is always a good idea

Food makes you go

Paris done a fabulous job by promoting them self as a city. It is a capital, a fairy tail where the food and wine, makes you fly op in the sky, dancing with the stars and relaxing on the moon. How can I even say all this? I have not been there since I was 10 years old.. and still I feel that I know it so well!


Eat paris paris is always a good idea


Amour Amour

With the love in the air, the dirty stockings and sexy Moulin Rouge. It is hard not to be fascinated about the magic. I think it is the contrast that go so well hand in hand. The beautiful romance, gourmet food side by side with the circus and the French temper. It is fascinating because of its innocents and its hard! On one hand, it offers you a magic lovely ball.. while you know on the other hand the wild side will wait, not far away, ready to slap you in the face. It is the little girl gone bad. The dream of luxury and the forbidden dirty cake at the samen time. That must be why Paris is ALWAYS a good idea. The adult playground, the psykological circus we get so spellbound of.


Mulin rouge paris is always a good idea



I CAN’T WAIT TO GO! – Take me to PARIS!

Paris is always a good idea

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