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The plans you make

-Helps your dream come true

Something is to dream about paradise such as traveling to Costa Rica. Another thing is to actually plan traveling to Costa Rica. Here is what i have planed so far and I can tell you this I am SO EXITED! This adventure is going to be phenomenal!


Plan traveling to Costa Rica?

First you need to know why you are going to Costa Rica and where your want to go.

To do that, it is good to cheek out the weather . We are planning to go in may which is risky because it is the start on the rainy season but it is also the start on the low season which mean that the price are not that high as in the high season.

I always make a board on pinterest where I look for things to explore. Here I find Inspiring pictures and dream my way ahead. It is also a good place to find blogs from people who had already been there that have helpful advices.

Others experience

I have messages a lovely yogi friend, who I know just have been in Costa Rica and asked her for her advices. She says it is VERY expensive and should consider to go to Panama because it is paradise on earth and it is way cheaper.

I also found this youtube video from a blogger who had been both places. Here is what she says about Plan traveling Costa Rica.

She also have one for Panama.

We need to get there some how?

Then i look for flight tickets which I always use momondoIt collects all the prices on the internet and it has a cool app as well. Now I know my starting point San Jose. I look at google maps and I start putting stars on all the places that people recommend that you should visit. If you want to rent a car everyone says you have to have a 4×4 car and that you should be aware of this hidden insurance that they put on last minute that can cost the dobbelt of what it els would. I have not been there yet but this is the cheapest place found so far. Busses are ofcours the cheapest and what i have found out so far is that they should be going almost everywhere. If you are on a big budget it is possible to take small plains as well.


The places to stay – dreams

I found some Hostels and hotels that i dream about. I hope my budget will reach some of these places. Here I look for Hostels and I also use Airbnb to get inspiration and to feel the prices. I have heard good thing about coutchsurfing but this time I am not up for it. I think i might try it in Australia ore some european country where I can find a host in fluent english. (my spanish is not that good)

One I find very interesting one is called Flutterby house which just look absolute beautiful! it is a bit expensive 14$ for the cheapest bed but it looks so amazing and they have so many different rooms and activities to do! They only have online booking Thats a thing to have in mind.

Fluttery house plan traveling costa rica
Plan traveling to costa rica

The yoga farm  I found because i where looking fore a place where i could volunteer as a yoga instructor. But this little pearl has an amazing vision! It is the perfect places if you are an yogi but even if you dont to yoga it is still a lovely places in the jungle near the beach where they care about the environment. One lovely oasis to just relax and take a break from the western world. It is expensive but the accommodation gives you 3 lovely organic meals, 6 days with free guidet yoga classes and space for you own practice. It is 43$ pr night and 260$ for a week for the cheapest and if you want to volunteer you can stay a whole month for 550$.


The Pipe house looks like something different! I like how creative and so simple this is! if we are heading north i assure you I want to try to live in one of those pipes. The rooms are again bit expensive 70$ pr night ore 200$ for a week and there is no food included.


Pibe house plan traveling costa rica
Plan traveling to costa rica


Casa tordesillas was a place i found on airbnb sadly they do not have a webpage. But you can read sou them on trip advisor and airbnb. They sound amazing. By hand they have billed up this eco-friendly place where they invite people in to there family. What a dream! I found it much cheaper to book the room at airbnb then with trip advisor.


Casa tordesilla plan traveling to costa rica
Plan traveling to costa rica


I have come by 2 Hostels I find interesting so far.

Arenal backpacker resort should be a 5 stared backpacker resort and it looks very nice! they have a pool and it is close to la fortuna where there should be a lot to explore. They have dorms, private rooms and safari tents. It cost from 10$ pr day an you can reservate online and even pay and get a 10% discount.


arenal backpackers resort plan traveling to costa rica

arenal backpackers resort plan traveling to costa rica


If you arrive from Panama ore are thinking about crossing the boarder to Panama. Puerto Viejo de Salamanca should be the city to stop in before you cross. Here you find the Rocking j’s which should be really cool. The whole decoration of the hostel should be out af mosaic. Here you can also rent a tent to sleep in for 8$ ore a hammock for 7$. it is right on the beach and if you are 4 people you can share a luxury stabel for 55$ pr night.

Rocking j's hammocks plan traveling to costa rica

Rocking j's hammocks plan traveling to costa rica


These are the basic. Weather, how to get there, where to live and budget. But You also want to explore things and see things. Well like you can se in the video at my other post there is the dog stray park and Costa Rica has many National parks, jungles, River rafting, zip lines, hikes, surfing opportunities, coffee and chocolate farms, mountains, turtle beaches, diving places. you name it! The link bellow shows a very nice program of what you can explore in Costa Rica. You can use it for inspiration to plan where your trip should go.

Check out this webpage it has so many cool information about Costa Rica


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