Road trip Costa Rica

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Pura vida – Pure life – is that what you can find in Costa Rica?

ROAD TRIP! We planned 3 weeks of adventure in Costa Rica but the trip ended up to be so much more than that. Taking os closer and further to places we had not imagined. You will also find the answer to the many timed asked question is Costa Rica Expensive?


Pura vida

“You will here people saying it everywhere..” that was what we where told. But actually not that often if you ask me. I might have said it a bit more often than the locals and maybe not always in the right context. But hey it’s kind of cool! And I was told you could use it everywhere.

Pura vida road trip costa rica

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Road trip

For any cool road trip you need a car! So we rented one for all 23 days. What a way to live life! You feel so free and the surroundings you drive trough it is like a movie set! I will share all my do’s and dont and how it all turned out with renting a car right here at my rent a car post.


Road trip costa rica san jose

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With the freedom comes happiness 

We felt that we could do everything we wanted driving all around Costa Rica. 6 hour drive to a beach does not matter because the trip itself is a blessing. Lots of snacks and music and then everything will be more then fine! We had 3 nights in San Jose, 2 nights in La fonturna, 1 night at lake Arenal, 2 nights at playa del coco and then spontaneously we drove to the boarder of Nicaragua.


Cow road trip Costa rica

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No rental cars cross the boarder

So we did it by foot and suddenly a whole new door opened up and new adventures in a new land started with new people and a new currency. Our Nicaragua adventure is something everyone should not miss out when they are in central America. More about Nicaragua..


Nicaragua Granada road trip

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Back in Costa Rica, 4 wheel road trip

When we got back we had only one night at a beautiful spot Tamarindo and had actually planned to drive around there. But then we got a CRAZY idea. Why not use one day to cross the whole country and then go to Panama and see what that is all about? So then we did..


San jose road trip costa rica

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Bocas del torro

Panama ore not Panama I have no idea but a friend recommended me to go there and said it was PARADISE ! Some small islands at the Caribian side of Panama. People from Jamaica, Panama and China and a vibe that I have not meet anywhere els. Beautiful Bocas del toro adventures you can finde here.


Bocas del toro star beach road trip Panama

Click: San José


Dip in..

Well.. a lot to share with you all! A road trip in Costa Rica became a Central America tour! It is all getting ready now and I can not wait! So much inspiration! I hope you all will enjoy it and ad more in the comments so others can get the best roadtrip ore backpacking trip to Central Amerika.


Dick in the sea books del toro road trip Pnama

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Lots of love to you all

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