San Jose Costa Rica

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The capital in the pure vida land San José

San José the center of jungles and mountains! The middle of a city jungle, and a nature one. You will fly in to the heart of a country where you plant an intention and start you journey out on adventures.

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Food guide in the end 

san josé

San José

Well.. to be honest not much to see in San José if you ask us. But if you drive out of the city only for a short time you will meet incredible surroundings! It is like driving trough a painting it is a blast and truly pure vida. The mountains, rainforest, and costs are magnificent! I was so glad that we rented a car to drive around well you need that of course els it is not a road trip.. but be aware that in San José the traffic is wild like the jungle life and in the rush our there is always queue and traffic accidents. Places where it normally takes 10-15 miners to drive now take 1 hour. So we had our base in San josé for 3 nights which we booked through airbnb (Stylish loft downtown – Lovely place and lovely people!) and then we drove out of the city jungle to:


Manuel Antonio beach

Manuel Antonio beach is a nice big beach and the drive down there is beautiful. It is on the end of the road! On the way down there you drive trough such magnificent landscape that changes all the way. You will also drive over a bridge called the crocedille bridge here you can stop your car go out on the bridge and see the crocodiles lay down in the river.
Be aware; when you are almost at the beach you will see people in uniforms trying to get you to park. They will start standing there before you have even reached the beach. Just drive past them! When you get there in car there will be people saying “I will take care of your car for 6 dollar a day, ore just saying I will take care of your car” And then they want to get paid. Well there is nothing to fear just ignore them and they dont own the road so you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY. We did not and nothing happened. Oh yeah and even that it was cloudy the sun was strong! Okay I will confess I got sunburned! first day way to go! you should think that after 24 years I should have learned it but nope.. so remember suncream!


Manuel antonio beach trees San José trees

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Manuel antonio beach crocodile bridge san josé costa rica

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Sun set Manuel antonio beach roadtrip san josé


La Paz Waterfall

This was our first thing to see we just got our car ready to conquer. We went for the Poas Volcano but a great tip is to come early in the morning els it is to foggy to see anything. So we drove to La Paz instead here you will find a hotel with the waterfall in the backyard and they have gardens where you can get super close to birds, big cats and snakes. Super expensive 60 dollar each and to be honest I did not like the whole “have animals captured” but at the same time it was our first thing and we would not had seen a Tukan bird and especially not that close. I think they took god care of all the animals and the butterfly garden was amazing. But not the money worth if you drive a bit further past this hotel you will get to the end of the waterfall and you can take beautiful pictures there and then if you feel like it you can always go back and go in. I wish that we had done that.

fountain la paz waterfall san josé costa rica

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Tukan bird la paz waterfall san josé costa rica


Woman and butterfly la paz waterfall san josé costa rica

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La paz waterfall san josé costa rica


Tukan bird and man La paz waterfall san josé

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Territorio de Zaguates

We also visit this dog stray rescue farm and was one of the main reasons we had looked at Costa Rica in the first place. Lucky us the weekend we arrived they had an event where they walked the dogs where everyone was invited and welcome to join. It was an experience for sure. The people there do a very god job to save all these dogs, they give them love and take care of them. It was not like how we imagined. There where a lot of people almost more than dogs.
Advice: Be in the front then you will get most out of it. You can bring dog food, a lot of people did and it turned out well. Some of the dogs are just been rescued so they will not look like your nabours dog ore the cute ones you see on instagram ore facebook. But they are happy and friendly and love to talk. Wear god shoes that can get washed, clothes that is okay that it gets dirty and bring a lot of water and suncream. It is amazing to see how happy all the dogs are and the surroundings they get to live in but dont be afraid to get dirty because you will!


Territorio de Zaguates dog watching san josé costa rica

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Territorio de Zaguates man and dog costa rica san josé

Territorio de Zaguates view over san josé costa rica

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Territorio de Zaguates dogs drinking water san josé costa rica

Territorio de Zaguates Man dogs drinking san josé costa rica

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Territorio de Zaguates dogs and humans san josé costa rica

Wher to eat?

A little map over some places where you can eat in San josé.

Breakfast : La tortillria Y cafe

Dinner : Resturent Kalú, Resturant Nuestra tierra, Resturant tin jo, La esquina de buenos aries, Ravi gastropub and cafe,
al mercat, Cafe rojo

DrinksCasa brew garden, antique/casa matute, bar buenos aries

Casa brew garden san josé costa rica

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Casa brew garden san josé costa rica

Resturant Kalú san josé garden costa rica

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