Travel hangover

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“It is scary annoying and depressing..”

Travel hangover

Everyone who has travelled for more than two weeks knows it! – And have dealed with the travel hangover when they got home. It is a killer.. and it is mean! But let’s have a honest talk about this and I will tell you my secrets of how to get over it.



It is one week since we got home from Central Amerika. An adventure and a trip that has been so educational and full of new memories and stories to tell. So much have happened and even that it only have been 3 weeks on the road. We are not the same people that we was when we left!


Educational traveling travel hangover


Lucky us

We got home and was welcomed with danish summer nice weather and magic in the air. Which can be very uplifting and something every Dane is looking forward to the whole year! The days where we can lay under the blue clear sky flashing our white skin and make BBQ.


Danish summer beach white people travel hangover


Wait.. I know this feeling.. Fuck.

But even that the ods where god for us with nice weather and at lot of beautiful things to tell. The travel hangover sneaked its way up on us. Mostly on Jacob who totally panicked! He wanted to move, he was trying to find new places to go even just for a day ore two ore maybe a week. “Sausage (That is what he calls me dont ask why..) we have 3 options for New Years we should travel to Brazil, Japan ore Burma! Lets just not be home for new years promise me that!” Kind of cute but I know his frustration and it is so not fun!


Travel hangover feeling


I am felling blue

The travel hangover is a bitch and the feeling that your life where full of adventures new exiting people and magic. It is so hard to deal with when you get back to real life feeling that everything just had stopped and not changed at all. The last couple of weeks you have learned so much about yourself, the world and others. You feel that you can actually conquer the world if you wanted to! When you get back the energy around everything feels so low and the daily life does not seam so fun and adventures.


Volcano adventure Nicaragua travel hangover


What to do then?

Well I start to recognize this feeling and I am aware that it will sneak up on me. I promise you that jetlag is the bitch best friend helping it doing all the evil. My advice recognize it and tell yourself that it is okay to fell this way and ride it out just like any other hangover. But dont fight it ore cultivate it! just be in it and when you feel it starts to disappear get your ass out of that feeling knowing that of course that will be other adventures to come! Why should there not?


Dream and recognize travel hangover


The dream

You have so many cool memories and they will come back to you even if they seem far away in some how. It is free to dream so start dream away not in a desparate “Jacob way” but in a more chill way. Start reaching and plan your new trip step by step and manifest to yourself that life is great no matter where you are and embrace it even at home! Think of alle the cool stuff you can tell your friends! Even that in the beginning it can feel like your repeating yourself.


The dream travel hangover


Slide down memory lane

The thing about memories and traveling is, that it build you up as a person and it is fun to slide down that memory lane, to find all these beautiful things that made you so rich in life! Even the travel hangover will make you stronger that will be my promise to you! It only meant you had one hell of a god trip and there is more of those to come!


Couple travel happy memories travel hangover


Lot’s of love to you all

Pleas share your hangovers with me in the comment

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