Travel makes the world your playground

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Hello lovely you! I have no idea of where you are right now.. ore what you are doing? but if you can give yourself a muinet and look away from this text. Look outside and then breath in tro through your nose and out trough your mouth and just embrace the moment! Enjoy the place where you are right now! And then.. start dreaming!

Miami vience beach santamonica travelJump up on your dreamy cloud and travel out with your imagination where everything is possible! Get inspired on my instagram. Change the grey weather with nice beautiful sun and the dessert with tall mountains. Be in a car on roud 66 with your best friend, dip your toes in the ocean of the maldives, climbe down waterfalls in New Zeal
and, dance bearfooded on the reed sand in india, ride a camel to the sunrise in sahara ore ride your bike around the ruins of the temples in cambodia. Travel the world make it your playground of life! The world is meant for everyone and it is the most beautiful thing ever! It has so many lovely adventures to travel and that just needs to be find and lived! I surly want to let you have some of my travel stories and i promis that they will be intertaning, fun and inspiring for you to take the step out there! Your life can be a farytell if you want it to! I will also give travel tips and who am I? – find out here

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